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About Fabrice


40 years of martial arts, including 30 years of  "Kyokushin-Kai Karateexposed Fabrice to sports traumas, people in chronic pain and conducting full body resets. While fighting internationally, he found himself "breaking" people (and being "broken in return"😊).

which led him to the well-being field.

Combining his experience in martial arts, apprenticeships in Japan, Russia, and France and diverse therapy courses in Israel, he developed an unique perspective and ability to assist in physical and mental rehabilitation. 

In the past few years he has been working at high-tech companies, helping people with posture-related issues, the connection between employees and health in the workplace.


Fabrice humility, sense of humor and open-mindedness allow him to create deep friendships with the employees with whom he collaborates thus allowing it to bring a pleasant atmosphere to the office and solve little hassles of everyday life. 

It's also with smile, jokes and originality of his approach that he motivate the trainees to go beyond during sports sessions.

Fabrice treatments approach comes from traditional Asian practices and medicine. The main goal is to not only locate and treat the pain itself, but also to find the source to prevent future discomfort.



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Fabrice Fourment was a international's famous athlete with many titles from all over the world but he also was a student and then an instructor at the famous "honbu-dojo", cradle of Karate (Tokyo, Japan). 8th dan, Kyokushin Karate, 5th dan, traditional Karate, ​

KravMaga Instructor, Kombat-Russe Instructor... Technical Director for the Swiss Kyokushin Karate National Team, Coach of the French Karate National Team, President of the French Kyokushin Federation.

Mental & Physical coach for Norris Cole (NBA) VIP Security officer in Paris for Phil Collins (Musician)... 

Health & Wellness Certifications

Clinical massage Therapy

Clinical Cupping Therapy

Clinical Gua-Sha Therapy

Clinical Acupressure Therapy

Dien-Chan Therapy

Aromatherapy Advisor

Life Coach

Sports Coach (D.E.S)


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