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Fabrice Fourment

  • Limit departure of your employees

  • Increase their well-being and health

  • Create a pleasant atmosphere at work

Filles Faire Push Ups

Fabrice is literally the best in his field. Highly skilled and passionate to his craft. This and the fact he’s a very patient teacher influenced me greatly.

I learnt a lot from him in the last 4 years, mostly about myself my body and my abilities!

The atmosphere he brings to the table is priceless, I mean, really, think about it… arriving first thing in the morning for a HIIT or Tai Chi session is utterly game changing and uplifts the atmosphere instantly… you’re actually happy going to work with that in mind ☺

Anyone recruiting Fabrice would be very lucky


I've been attending Fabrice's morning workouts for the last couple of months, and have been loving it.
Fabrice makes the workout fun: he adds an element of play to the exercises, so the training goes easier. The workout is pretty intense, but Fabrice always pays a lot of attention to the safety of exercises. One of the things that stand out compared to other trainers I worked with is how much Fabric knows about how the body works. He does not blindly give us the usual exercises, instead, he explains what mussels are affected and how, for example when you stretch your neck, the position of your legs makes the difference.
Also, the fact that I wake up earlier to get to the office for the workout is a good review by itself :-)



Modern office

I would like to share my experience from training with Fabrice at Yoobic. 

Fabrice trains us twice a week, on a regular basis. It’s always fun and refreshing to have a training with him because he has a unique approach to his lessons. 

Due to his background in martial arts, he manages to combine his knowledge on the topic in the lessons. For example – how does your body reacts to different situations, why does it happen, the biological and chemical reactions within and how does it interact with the workout we’re doing. 

With him, you don’t only train your body but you also learn some interesting stuff about how it works, what is good for your health and how can you train at home to improve. 

He always mixes up exercises to keep us motivated and interested. He matches the exercises to the level of the people who participate in the group and stays attentive to everybody during the training. 

Also, no need to worry about the workout itself, it’s effective enough to make you feel your muscles the day after (-;



I have been Fabrice's student for 6 years now. He is our teacher for fitness and martial arts in Yoobic company. He is a great teacher and an awesome guy. Since training started I forgot about the back pain. In cases I wasn't fit to perform an exercise he helped me by creating a more suitable individual routine to keep up with the rest. Even though his training can be hard I never skipped one without having a really good reason. Highly recommend this guy!


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